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Unexpected circumstances in Contract Law

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National Reports

The list below contains the current versions of national reports as submitted by the authors. 

Please, be aware that these reports are not the final ones and only for the use of national reporters (cross references etc.). Without prior consent of the author a national report should not be handed to persons outside the project.

Click on the icon to download a report; the first date reflects the status of the document as provided by the author, on the second one the document was put on the web.

To update your national report, please send a word-file to:

(in alphabetical order)


Country Status of doc. Online
Austria August 2005 26.8.2005
Czech Republik January 2005 7.2.2005
Danmark September 2005 10.10.2005
France April 2007 14.4.2007
Germany June 2004 6.6.2004
Greece October 2005 24.10.2005
Hungary January 2005 6.2.2005
Ireland May 2005 3.8.2005
Italy November 2006 31.11.2006
Lithuania September 2005 6.9.2005
Netherlands September 2006 5.10.2006
Portugal November 2006 04.12.2006
Scotland June 2004 4.7.2004
Slovak Republik
Slovenia August 2005 27.8.2005
Spain January 2005 8.2.2005
Sweden September 2005 6.9.2005
Special Reports
Law & Economics
History of Concepts about Unexpected Circumstances

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